Quasar borderlands 2

quasar borderlands 2

Hello BL2 subreddit, just wondering if there are any tips or tricks that you guys could give for farming the Legendary Grenade mod, " Quasar ". limit my search to r/ Borderlands2 Welcome To Borderlands 2! [Discussion] Which is the better grenade mod: The Quasar, or the Storm Front. The Quasar is a legendary grenade mod manufactured by Hyperion. In Borderlands 2, the Quasar is ‎ Varkid · ‎ Felicity Rampant · ‎ Quasar | Borderlands Wiki · ‎ Quasar/Variant Chart. Handsome Collection newbie guide Resources: Assault on Dragon Keep Unique Weapons. Wikia PCGW Gbx Forums. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. It's a superior grenade in the hands of handicap wette Axton and Salvador. The Quasar is a legendary grenade mod manufactured by Hyperion. Submit a new link. I found one tonight trying to farm Xp and im the proud owner of a level 61 sticky lobbed quasar. I picked up a Longbow Quasar from a vending machine because "hey, sweet, a legendary in the first vending machine". Fast travel to beneath the farm house, exit the building, and commence to drain the varkid of a majority of their health without killing them , then, lure them around until they evolve. You can corral off enemies easier. I also got one from the Loot Midgets. MoxRavager MoxRavager 4 years ago 7 Bhellium posted You can corral off enemies easier. I can throw that thing in the middle of Deadlift's room ugh, if I ever have to go there and pull mobs from anyplace in there to wherever I throw it. Reduced damage but increased blast radius larger singularity pull and Tesla effect. Boards Borderlands 2 What exactly is the quasar grenade mod? Borderlands2 submitted 2 years ago by Slyzavh 10 comments share. What do you think so far? Explore Wikis Stargames rami Central FANDOM University. Granaten-Mods , Waffen , Borderlands 2. Need people to play with? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Help Borderlands Wiki Incomplete articles Articles to tidy Unused files Uncategorized files Bounty Board of Sorrow. Notes optional; required for "Other": I was wondering if the Quasar was that good?

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Borderlands 2 Just My Luck Ep4 Quasar Grenade Mod! Failed Vermi Spawn Turns Into A Win! Chain Lightning Storm Front Quasar I ranked them based on ease of use and damage first, then utility. Log in or sign up in seconds. Chain Lightning is also really good for stripping your shields when playing a melee or FotF build. I was already running Maya with Converge, so there wasn't much use in having extra singularity effects- all the enemies were usually close together anyway. It has the largest singularity pull and area of effect of any singularity grenade mod in the game, but as with all shock grenades it is best utilized against enemies with strong shields. You can corral off enemies easier. Setting up B0re is the obvious answer, but if it's low enough you can use it for the pull effect and use it for setting up melee chains on the lower setting.


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